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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Black Country to Black Sea

Tuesday 26 July

It's about 10.30pm local time here in Sveti Vlas. I'm typing these words as I sit on the balcony of our room at the Premier Fort hotel. There have just been a flock of sea gulls flying over head toward the sea. There snow white wings gliding through the air, look for a minute like ghostly spectre's who are seeking out a place of rest. It is only their familiar cry that identifies them differently.

They are not the only wildlife that use the facilities of the hotel. When we attend breakfast in the morning in the outdoor quadrangle, we are not the only ones dining. In the rafters of the roof, a family of swallows have made a nest and as we eat our fill of sausage egg and bacon, the parents intermittently fly in with tit bits for the babies, who wait patiently with open mouths. Not at all spooked by the hundreds of diners below them with their own children.

This hotel is family friendly then, even to a family of birds it appears. There is entertainment of sorts throughout the day, morning gymn and yoga. Pool side darts. Quizzes and disco's for kids and adults. Art, football and other sports. There is an air hockey game that is ver popular with the kids. So popular it seems that today it broke down completely. Tokens for it are issued from reception strictly one at a time. And usually by the end of the day they are like gold dust.

Breakfast is usually pretty busy as everyone gets it included with there stay. It's pretty good, plenty of choice (as with all the meals actually). But I just wish the sausages were a bit bigger, they are literally the size my little finger. There has been a good menu that has changed daily which is really good. Although small t who is not one to experiment with food has been relying heavily on pizza and ice cream to see him through. I think we are all going to miss the food when we leave next week, and may encounter withdraw symptoms.

My sun burn has calmed down a bit today and I'm glad to say it's a lot less angrier. In the morning we took a thirty minute bus ride to the historic old town, Nessebar. It's situated on a small peninsular accessed by only one road. There are several ancient 10-12th century churches in various states of decay from ruin to fully built. There are also plenty of restaurants, bars and memento shops selling Bulgarian pottery, weaving, clothes and Rose Jam, something of a speciality around these parts so I'm told.

This afternoon we had more time for sea swimming, of course I was the entertainment for small t, so we engaged in a the usual fun and games of the seaside. We had already buried each other, and made sandcastles on previous days so now we have resorted to having sea fights that invariably involve slinging large bits of sea weed at each other. As you can imagine we are getting all kinds of looks off the other guests.

"Look de White Englash Man is making a wig of seaweed for his child again!! Come away Alexander do not look at the silly non EU persons."

Ira is eager to make the most of her time here, she knows that the days will soon pass and normality will return. At any opportunity (while we are having rest time) she is taking walks down to the beach to inplant the warm sweet aroma of the sea breeze into her memory, so that it can be recalled on those cold rainy English summer days. I don't blame her. This time is precious and for small t most of all these are the holiday memories that will live with him for the rest of his life. At least he has better ones than me. I have memories of cold rain swept days in Ryhl and Weymouth, he will have the warm clear Black Sea running through his head, and the image of his grandfathers cheeky zestful smile to recall on when he is my age.

- your intrepid reporter big T.

Location:Sveti Vlas Bulgaria

Friday, July 22, 2016

From Black Country to Black Sea

Friday 22 July

In a few short hours my family and I will be swapping the warm sunny climes of the West Midlands, and armed with bucket loads of sun cream, shades and light fitting clothes, we will be boarding a plane for warm sunny Burgas in Bulgaria. From there we will be travelling to the new 18-30 holiday of choice, Sunny Beach.

When my wife first suggested this as a kind of middle ground alternative to going to Russia, I had no idea of the legendary reputation of the place as magnet for youngsters looking to drink, get brown, drink some more, and well, do it all over again.

I'm assured by my wife that we will be staying in a few miles away from the main area of binge drinking and projectile vomiting and the pictures of the resort we are booked into look very nice, spacious golden sandy beaches etc, but I'm reserving judgement until I actually see it. After all, Bognor Regis can be made to look nice with the right kind of lighting and lenses and a few clicks of Photoshop.

We will be meeting my wife's father there and will spending a week living it up on cheap booze, sun and sea. I'm sure there will be loads of things to do and see, I think my father in law wants to visit a healing natural mud bog or something At some point, which sounds right up my street. Plus if we get too bored we can order a couple of cheap prostitutes!!

I have to admit that I'm not a fan of beach holidays, I like to go exploring, ultimately get lost and have to call the authorities to come and rescue me. I'm hoping though that the next week will be relaxing, with little stress (by that I mean no losing small t or my phone, or getting a healthy dose of food poisoning or sun stroke.

I'll be recording my daily movements (not the ones your thinking off) in this blog journal thing and hope that it provides some light relief for those friends who stumble across it during the days ahead.

Your intrepid reporter big T.

Location:Black Country

Thursday, July 21, 2016

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