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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Doctor Who Rewind - The Three Doctors

It's 1973. It's the tenth season of classic Doctor Who. And John Pertwee needs some help, err, from himself.

A strange blob of energy lands on earth and seemingly starts eating all manner of things, whisking them away into a black hole and another universe made of anti matter where the legendary Time Lord Omega resides.

Omega, was a solar engineer who created the supernova that helped power Time Lord civilisation. But he was thought dead in the explosion. In reality he was trapped in a universe of anti matter where his will turned anything into matter.

With the Doctor in trouble and the Time Lord home world being drained of power through a black hole, the Lords do the unthinkable. They allow the Doctor to meet his two previous incarnations, in order to treble his brain power.

Due to ill health, the first Doctor, is only seen a few times throughout the story, turning up on the TARDIS view screen, trapped inside an eddy, he offers advice and scorns, in his own inevitable way, Troughton and Pertwee, who squabble and disagree on nearly everything.

Doctors two and three, along with Jo Grant and the Brigadier, must travel to the other universe of Omega, who seeks revenge on the Time Lords for leaving him stranded and trapped.

It's the interplay, rivalry, and humour between Doctors two and three that make this a joy from start to finish. There are some great lines throughout. When Doctor one see's his counterparts he tells them, "so you are my replacements ah?, the clown and the dandy!"

The riffing between Pertwee and Troughton is wonderful, and I gather that even off camera they were arguing, as Triughton's relaxed adlib style of acting infuriated Pertwee.

This anniversary special was to set the mould for others to follow.

At the end if this story the Time Lords award the Doctor his freedom again by giving him a new dematerialisation unit. So it heralded a whole new chapter of adventures.

Next time on Doctor Who Rewind, a travelling showman wreaks havoc for the Doctor and Jo...


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