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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds Live DVD

I've been a huge fan of Jeff Wayne's classic double album since I first herd it on a School Holiday in Wales back in the Early 80's. Like many others I used to turn all the lights of and listen to it in the dark and imagine the visuals in my head. I've always thought that the power of Jeff's music in the piece is to be able to transport you into the frightening world of the martians. The deadly heat ray, the creeping red weed, and the solitute of desolate London. I'd waited for years for someone to put visuals to the music, and when Jeff himself announced he was touring the show, I was first in line to get tickets. The NEC Birmingham show was without doubt like nothing I'd seen before. Just everything I hoped for the piece and a lot more. Tonight I've bee watching the tour DVD of the Webley show and the level of production detail that has gone into it is astounding. The 5.1 sound alone worthy of buying the DVD, Jeff and his team have really used the medium as it was intended, not just few effects and crowd noises as on a lot of music dvds these days. No, the band and orchestra and effects really do encompass you. The quality of the sound too is superb, clarity of each sound. Having 23 cameras there, the director was not short on shots and has just the sweep and majesty of Wembley really well. Not to mention the beautiful animatioin sequences created specially for the show. I grew up listening to this album and to hear it live and with such love and enthusiasm is a joy. Jeff promises more shows next year and an animated feature film version. So, looks like it will be around for a good deal longer.