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Friday, July 24, 2009

Meat time

Today Max is going to have a meat soup that babushka has made for him from the finest russian beef. Today he gets a taste of his Russian life to come.

This morning we took him to the lab to have a blood, and urine test to see if they can find out just what is causing his skin problems which have gotten a lot better over the past few weeks. Poor little mite....there seems to be no escape for him

I am growing weary of my stay here now. My father in law is a man with head strong mind, he likes to control everthing, even my intake of vodka and beer. He is the kind of man that if say you are out taking a general stroll somewhere, will, deliberately go in the opposide direction from yours. Sometimes I feel like strangling him.

The pediatritian we took Max to see reckons he is laking in certain vitimins, the fault of us not feeding him a more meat like wider diet. With his skin problems though we have been mega wary of feeding him more exotic stuff. She has given us a vitimin supplement D3 for him and also told us to make the tests so that she can better understand the problems he may have with the allergy. She also thinks we should began potty training and vladimir has supplied two for Max to do the doings in. Can't wait for that.

Later today Max is having a guest, a young lady his age is popping over for an arranged marrage kind of set up. Should be interesting to see how he handles the ladies.

More later.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More insanity from Moscow

Have now arrived in Moscow for a couple of days. Ira's parents wanted to bring him hear in order to have him checked out by a pediatrition in the Russian Childrens Hospital. I don't really see why as he seems pretty much ok and his Skin problems have cleared up quite nicely. I guess they don't trust English doctors at all.
I'm letting them take him but as far as any treatment goes, I will politely decline. I don't want his body to be further messed around when his skin is getting better.
I got hopelessley drunk last sunday in the country when Vladimir invited some neighbours around for a party. I had more than my limit for Vodka and crossed some cosmic threshold. I ended up prancing around the garden at 2am shouting up at the sky some kind of challenge to 2012...'come on 2012 I've have you' - the neighbours who were trying to sleep by that point shouted for me to shut up. It's the first time I remember that I've totally lost track of time after drinking. Missing time.
More on this when and the other stuff when I get back home and have a chance to upload my full report.

Thats it for now.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Vodka Stupor

Hello from sunny Moscow. Been here for a week now, which has mostly been filled up with reading, (now on my second book) , watching tv progs on the iphone and my laptop and generally eating and drinking. Yesterday several babushkas arrived (well two, but thats a lot when you add them to Ira's mum, now also a babushka and iras's grandmother who is now a great babushka....i've decided that the word for describing a collection of babuskas is a Retainer.

They all flocked around Max and demanded to push their rinkled faces into his...poor baby. For the most part he has been enjoying the sun and the new surroundings....he has had his first swim in the large swimming pool heated by the sun, and quite liked it. He has been pooing himself silly and this morning enjoyed a humongous shit which even I was impressed with

We have had vbisits from relatives including Ira's mums cousin and wife ho brought their little 6 year old son who is quite a tear-a-way and likes nothing better than to insult strangers. Aparently he punched his babushka the other week and drew blood. And while here on site he insulted a ramdom old lady by calling her a witch!! He has left this morning which I am pleased about as he insists on playing with Max, driving him around the place on Max's car thing on wheels, at quite a fast speeed. Poor Max, but he seems to stand it.

Max was suprisingngly well behaved on the planes over. And didn't hardly winge or complain. And since being here and the centre of attention has loved the fresh air and good food.

Fresh veg and fruit are in abundance here and Ira's mum is aided by employed worker Zoire who helps out in collecting the harvest. And spends most of the time playing with Max.

Ira's grandparents are incamped in the sauna building downstairs and her mom and dad upstairs. Zoire is in the main house upstairs with me and Ira. The grandparents love Max and they Ira's grandfather (deduskhka) always likes to ingage me in conversation about his ailments like his eye operations and so forth....I have no idea what he is on about most of the time and just sit there nodding my head. They have left today with the cousins babushkas to go and see their flat....for a couple of days. So we are alone here for a bit, with ira's folks and zoire.

Last night I had a sauna with Ira's cousin and dad. The thing was so hot I could feel my skin coooking. It was hard to even sit on the wooden seating in there cause it was so fucking hot. Ira's mums cousin gave me a thourough thrashing with the leaves and cold water and I'm sure I herd him snigger as he did so!

We thinkwe saw a UFO the other night but I suspect it is a saterlite as it looked like a star moving across the sky quite fast, in the same direction, not changing direction. The night sky is really good here but I fear goiing out to see it cause the mosquitos will attack me. I've already got several bites and infamations on my legs. Pesky buggers.

Not much happenign now so will sign off. I'm writing a diary of my experiences here and will upload it when I get back in a couple of weeks. Along with pics and stuff.

I'm typing this on Ira's dads tiny eee pc 8inch screen so apologies for the typos.

Gonna get back to my book 2012 The War For Souls by Mr Strieber now so will sign off and try and write more here later or in the next few days.

Paka (bye)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Living life to the max

Life is a series of swings and round-a-bouts!

Live From Storyville 28/06/2009