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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Coming Global Corporacy Story or The Day After Tomorrow (Will Be Shite Like Today Was)

Brothers (& sisters) let us not beat around the bush, these are hard times. I am a man of few words usually, but on this occasion I find myself with more than a few on me mind. Most of em, I'll grant thee are foul and disgusting and downright obscenities, but, and this is a big BUT, they alone express the way I feel about the direction we are headed. It's brown and it's sticky, and it smells of deceit, lies and perhaps the ultimate sin, manipulation.

"I am, therefore I input." This is the mantra we are being force fed on a daily basis. Do not think. Thinking is dangerous for the man upstairs. But I do think, and here's whats bothering me.

Do not expect to be given the opportunity to gain the opportunity for furthering your career by virtue of the years of dedication you have given.

Do not expect a fare, and reasonably level plainfield for all.

Do not expect to be treated like a fully developed intelligent multi-dimentional human being.

Expect to be thrust into an arena and face humiliation along with hundreds of other poor sods who have been so deceived by a few well chosen but ultimately over exaggerated words.

Expect to go through this staged process where the few will succeed with silvery tongues and bubbly personalities and the majority will be frozen with the cruelty of failure to act out success.

Expect others, who's only difference may be a name, to roll a double six and advance to go without paying this unfortunate forfeit.

Expect to be treated like shit.

Fellow inputters I have sat in many seats, and had many views, some have been better than others, once I was sitting by the window and could gaze longingly out at the free world outside. But another time sat right by toilet and had the wofting of all manner of unkempt aromas. I'll tell thee I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on me core darta back then.

Now I feel like I am actually sitting inside a giant cesspit. The stench of which is choking my sense of time, fairness and equality. Sometimes I am ashamed of my actions and lack of morality and respect, but how can I respect something which has no respect for me. Nay, something which treats me like a worker ant beavering about blindly for the so called good of the colony.

Are we making a difference? Only to a lie which has been convoluted for the greater good of those above. The Corporate world is fueled by stats. All that matters are numbers on a sheet. And if the decline of our enthusiasm, optimism, interest and respect suffers for the acquisition of those numbers then so be it.

My sanity has been brought and paid for. I am utterly demoralised. Confused by the hype, confused by the constant weaving web of policy and procedure. I am not full of beans, the beans have gone moldy and have been eaten by next doors cat. I am not a doom mongerer - I am a realist.

And they expect me to be happy to jump through a flaming circle of fire, dive into a pulpit of death and play a host of parlor games? In order to win what? More of the same drudgery!

I am sorry but my moral compass is pointing in the opposite direction, while shouting loudly in my ear, scarper lad, make with the feet!!!