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Friday, October 28, 2011

Huge Melons - originally posted 28/07/2009

Only a couple more days to go before start to prepare forr the journey home on Sunday. Back in tbe country house now but will return to Moscow in a couple of days to meet friends and go to see Suzanne Vega on Friday night.

Couple of days ago the family brought as huge water melon the size of a house home and I will provide pics of it when i come back to the uk for the full account. It was huge and normally I don't eat melon but have been kind of hood winked into eating it. Fairly nice. And enough of it to feed a small country.

Max had fall in the flat just before coming back to the datcha and gave me a fright. He fell off of the bed and banged his mouth and his gum bled a little. Wouldn't stop crying for ages and only after some quick thinking from Vladimir. I nearly feinted with shock too. Full details when we get back in the extended dairy.

Enough for now.